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USO/UFO Sighting in Detroit, Michigan

Posted by [email protected] on June 1, 2016 at 9:45 PM

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Date: 05/21/2016

Time: 2330

Witnesses: Yes

Summary: USO/UFO Sighting in Detroit, Michigan

I have a sighting to report. This happened last weekend on 05/21/2016 in Detroit, Michigan at about 11:30 p.m. This was seen by two people, my best friend and myself and lasted perhaps 2 minutes.

I am a volunteer at the Belle Island Aquarium, where I give tours and help maintain many of the tanks there. On 05/21/2016, we were leaving the aquarium after helping prep some of the recently renovated tanks for public display. As we were leaving the aquarium through the main entrance and headed toward the parking lot and my car we heard a loud noise coming from the direction of the rive and The Strand. We didn't really pay attention to it at first and got in my car and left the aquarium. As we got off of Inselruhe Avenue, we heard the sound again and this time it got our attention.We turned right toward The Strand and then turned right, this would take us the long way around toward the bridge, but since it was a clear and nice night we didn't mind. As we traveled down the strand looking around to hear the source of this loud sound, we saw a disturbance in the water of the river about 30 feet from the shore by Dossin Museum. We thought maybe a plane had crashed into the river and was sinking as we could see lights on under the water.


About 30 seconds after noticing the commotion in the water, we saw a ball like object rise out of the water. It was about as big as a softball if held at arms length. It hovered in the same spot for about 15 seconds and then shot off towards the east. It rapidly gained altitude and then got smaller and smaller until it disappeared. Afterwards everything went back to normal and we watched it disappear into the night sky. We stayed there for about 5 minutes till a passing City of Detroit police officer stopped and told us that we should get going,


We did not take any pictures or video since it all happened too fast and we were too shocked to really be ready to do anything.


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